RAIDIX and AC&NC: Cut your storage costs by 70 percent! Solutions and case studies
How JetStor appliances powered by RAIDIX help companies from virtually every industry optimize their data storage TCO and achieve top performance and reliability.

22 June 2017 (Thursday)
11 AM EDT (Eastern US time)

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RAIDIX has partnered with AC&NC (JetStor) in the US for over five years. JetStor appliances powered by RAIDIX deliver peak IOPs and GB/s in data-intensive environments and post over 1,000+ implementations in North America and across the globe.
Where RAIDIX excels?

• SAN solution powered by RAIDIX — for M&E, RAIDIX NAS — for clustered infrastructures (HPC and beyond)
• RAIDIX SAN and NAS for multi-streaming tasks (CCTV/Video Surveillance)
• RAIDIX SAN for high-speed shared access to content (M&E)
• RAIDIX NAS for Backup and Virtualization (Enterprise)
Customers of data storage systems: IT directors, CIOs, CTOs, system administrators in data-intensive industries.
Webinar agenda
The Software-Defined RAIDIX Storage: Case studies and business impact

JetStor iSCSI, FC SAN, SAS, NAS storage systems addressing cutting edge application workloads

Next steps: Test, Deploy, Maintain.